Students at the Beaux-Arts Academy are highly motivated and self-directed to progress through exercises in drawing, painting, sculpture, master-copy, and architecture/design. After the foundational years, students may choose to emphasize their study in one of those disciplines.
BAA students are also eligible to work in our apprenticeship program which operates parallel to the academy. Students who have proven competency in a particular skill set may be offered the opportunity to help on real-world projects to gain professional-level experience in addition to their work in the academy. This comes at the invitation of the Master Artist. It's worth noting that this kind of program is extremely valuable and equally uncommon in the contemporary educational world. See our Atelier Projects page for more information.
Critiques, lectures, classes and mentoring are offered Monday through Thursday, 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. All students are advised to be here during those times to ensure time with instructors. Friday is an independent work day for students to pursue their own work/study. 
The student's workday consists of long periods of self-directed activity where they are expected to move the project forward. Faculty guides each student on a personalized basis in one-on-one critiques as well as providing general instruction in regular lectures, workshops, and group critiques.
Core students and alumni are given a discount on all travel, excursions, evening classes and workshops.

Full-Time Core Program tuition is $7,995 /year, $2,665 /trimester. 
*The part-time program has been suspended for the 2020-21 school year.*

The first year for all Core students is considered a probationary year. Students will be invited to continue to the second year based upon effort and excellence. Merit-based prizes and scholarships toward the next year's tuition will be awarded annually. For financial assistance, a limited number of work-study positions are available.
Diligent efforts are made through our sponsors to assure that all of our graduates are placed in their chosen field of art, architecture, and/or the allied arts. See our sponsors for more information.
2020-21 ACADEMY Schedule
Trimester 1: 
September 14 - November 20 
Thanksgiving Break (1 week break)

Trimester 2: 
November 30 - December 18
Christmas Break (3 week break)
January 11 - February 26 

Trimester 3: 
March 1 - April 2 
Spring Break (1 week)
April 12 - May 14

* * *

All travel events, evening classes and workshops are currently suspended due to COVID -19.
This includes the following:
2020-21 Evening Classes and Workshops
2021 Grand Tour in Rome
2021 Summer Trimester
2021 Thomas Moran Fellowship


We are currently accepting applications. To apply to the full-time and part-time Core Program. Please send the following information to BeauxArtsAcademy@gmail.com 

1. Full name, date of birth.
2. Address, email, phone number. 
3. Brief educational background, including previous art training, institutions attended, and any degrees earned.
4. Letter of Intent/Statement of Goals. This should include a brief statement (no more than one page) telling us your educational objectives and career goals and how you believe studying at the Beaux-Arts Academy will advance your goals.
5. Image of five (5) works of art (drawings, paintings or sculpture).​​​​​​​


-We now accept Venmo as well as cash, checks, bank transfer and credit/debit cards. 
-Credit/debit card payments are subject to a 3.5% service fee.
-When paying by check, please make it payable to Beaux-Arts Academy. A $30 per week late fee will be charged for late payments or checks returned by the bank.
-Withdrawal/Refunds:If a student needs to terminate participation, please notify the office. In the event of early withdrawal, students will forfeit their paid fees.
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